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     There are a lot of potential dangers and hazards which we take for granted. Much more than that, there are prospective pitfalls that we are often not even aware of. Thousands of accidents occur every year that could potentially have been avoided had the right safety equipment been installed. We offer these child safety seats for your baby's safety and security. Ordering our service is one of the very few ways you can ensure your baby's safety, since you are not able to get these in a taxi or a shuttle.

We are able to offer you, child seat, baby seat, infant seat and a toddler seat for a small nominal charge of $20 to return the seat to the office after you.




* Bring a bottle for the baby, or be prepared to nurse on the plane. Take-offs and landings will be much more comfortable for your baby if he is sucking on something to help normalize pressure in his ears.

* Be prepared to make frequent stops. Babies need time out of the car seat and out of the car. The older your baby is, the less time he can handle being strapped into the seat.

*Order your transportation early and request your baby car seat early, since people in the same situation seem to travel at the same time.


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